This is Diamandini. She is an interactive robotic artwork and is 155cm tall, unrealistically slender, youthful in appearance and is an amalgamation of classical scultpure elements with futuristic undertones. When a spectator approaches her, she responds physically by turning towards the person and gently moving closer to them or by avoiding them and floating in the opposite direction. This project explores how humans and a robot negotaite a shared space.

Her Robotica installation was in QUT’s Old Government House, which is supposedly haunted by the wife of the first Governor of Queensland.  Lady Diamantina of the house bears striking resemblance to Diamandini, even down to being a similar height and appearance to the robot. Despite this relation, the artist of Diamandini had no idea of the ghost story of the Old Government House nor what Lady Diamantina looked like. Knowing this story, Diamandini gives the impression of a true ghost floating through the house.